Blood Memory Dance Community Event

Blood Memory Dance

Blood Memory Dance produces moving, inclusive, dance and music performances, investing in local communities in Yorkshire and Hull.

Blood Memory Dance is a community-based organisation established in 2017.  Emma's innovative programme has attracted funding from Arts Council England, Hull Dance, HAVA Local and Leeds Inspired to support its intergenerational and professional dance practice.


It advocates working through creative practice to bring people together—young and old, to share quality time and the exchange of ideas in a fun and nurturing environment.

Escaping the fast pace of the technological world, we immerse ourselves in dance movement, staying present in the body using our location, each other and our environment for inspiration.

Green Speech Marks

— Emma Clayton




Blood Memory teamed up with Hull Dance 'Time of Our Lives'. This is an online project mentoring young artists from Hull and Yorkshire, devising live dance and collaborating with musician Georgia Jakubiak. The project allows people to reflect on experiences over the pandemic and uses movement as a positive way to communicate with others and look forward to a better future.



Included in Emma's R&D projects are more bespoke performance events such as 'Hawksworth Memorial' at York Museum of Farming and a celebration of International Women's Day at Swarthmore Centre in Leeds.



Blood Memory worked closely with partner organisations including HOPs, HAVA, Leeds Galleries & Museums and Hawksworth Wood Primary School to deliver 'The Big Shebang'. This project brought together 200 people of all ages from the Hawksworth Wood estate in north Leeds, inspiring a new dance commission and new community model. It was continued the following year as Emma created 'Counting Planes' which toured further into York and Hull.

It was fantastic working with Blood Memory Dance. I really loved working with the various styles and have since added the new learning into my own practice. It was great to get to know the company and find out more about their work.

— Participant, Bilton Grange, Hull

It was such a lovely opportunity to dance with my children and enjoy playing in a dance studio. You led it really well Emma, with flexibility and clarity. Thank you!

— Participant, Family workshop

Beautiful imagery of 1940’s icons—planes, zips, gas masks, hugs, good byes, etc. Loved the fusion of contemporary and hip hop. The music was superb and I loved the dialogue and the traditional 1940s songs. Very emotive and inspirational—loved it! I want to see it again! P.S. I want a boiler suit!

— Audience member, Yorkshire Museum of Farming

The show today was magnificent and reflects a great deal of effort on Emma's part. I thoroughly enjoyed it and by the look on the participants—young and old—they did too. It was lovely to see old and young performing together. I am so proud of our older ladies , they rock.

— Partner, Director of HOPS, Big Shebang